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As I traveled through my turbulent 20s I somehow found 30 to be fun so far...

Wow! This is going to be one fun decade I can tell ya! Here's a little idea of what transpired this weekend:


Friday night: worked til 9pm then hit QXTs with Spacey,Mel,her boyfriend )and my friend) Neil,my sweetheart L,and a few of his friends . I had maybe 4 shots (2 jolly ranchers and 2 butterscotch schnapps) and one drink,so I got pretty drunk,but felt fine enough to dance up a storm with the girls! Heehehee afterwards I came home to sleep it off so I wouldn't have a hangover at work.

Saturday: worked from 3-11pm then L came to pick me up to bring us back home to his place where spent all evening just talking and being together.The awesome thing is,he's not only my boyfriend he's also my best  friend. One that I can trust since we've been friends for four years.

Sunday-Tuesday morning: I won't spill my guts but all I will say is this...WOWI must say that I'm totally in love with this person and we both satisfy each other's needs emotionally as well as physically and that's all that really matters. I'll elaborate more some other time,I just  feel like running around outside in my pjs and and be delirious.....but I won't.


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