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a not-so-sappy V-day

Today was a pretty non eventful Valentine's Day, for starters I had to work,come home to dishes piled in the sink,no dinner and no money til tomorrow (no wonder I want to destroy something right now..grrr!) In other thoughts...I've been thinking about my past V Day adventures and in the past 14 years I've been in relationships,I've realized it doesn't take flowers or candy or any of those monetary things that some women can't do without to make me happy. 2/14/03 for instance was spent at St Vincent's Hospital with Ted when he had a nasty cut on his hand that got infected,the following year I was at my folks house minus T because he didn't have the funds to travel to NJ,but told me to go because it's also my parent's wedding anniversary anyway. But those memories are put back on the top shelf so to speak,hard to reach purposely. So let's change the subject...

Love life-going great with L,I have good feelings about this! *heehee*

Work-same old drama,as I once said on my MySpace blog "it's like a reality show sometimes". I'm there to work my 8 hour shift and bring home the bucks that's about the long and the short of it.

Life-well...I'm 30 (looks half that!)above the ground breathing and experiencing life and making every day an adventure,so yeah I'm still here...no seriously see above answers *duh*

So that wraps up yet another spewing of my thoughts...peace to all of you!
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sounds like overall you have a pretty good relationship.....Valentines Day is usually just for coporates to make their money anyway. I spent mine alone working...so you're ahead of me there! lol.
LOL I agree that V-Day is nothing but a "corporate" holiday...too many people spend too much money on a gift that is either too tacky or too expensive, and alot of people use that day as an excuse to say "i love yous" and all that mushy shit! LOL


and a dozen roses costs an arm and a leg.....a small fortune....then the roses are dead or wilting within a few days. i say take the money instead..and take a train ride to san diego for dinner...then return.....or stay the night at little beachside motel......short, sweet and lasts! corporate holidays.....christmas has been turned into one too....people are so busy rushing and pushing around shopping malls.....the true meaning of xmas is lost....same with V's day.