Diana (xdarkprincessdi) wrote,

when are people going to take their heads out of their asses and FUCKING LEARN?

Just figured that I'd update since I have nothing better to do than sit here with my new red bowl and a cd that I just burned recently. But I'm also in a bitchy mood as I sit here and write all these rude and nasty thoughts that are going through my mind. One thing that's bothering the fuck out of me is someone who I'm trying to avoid keeps trying to be my friend again, but unfortunately for that person they fucked up so there is no way I can trust them again. But then again when have I actually "trusted" you? Anyway moving on...another thing that's pissing me off is when people get away with stupid bullshit in the office. Yes "office drama",our favorite topic yes? With the "office pet" comes and goes as she pleases regardless of anyone else in the place,the overweight whiny crybaby always complaining about being sick and her hours being cut...it goes on. I just wish I could say to these people "GROW THE FUCK UP!" and not worry about my job being in jeopardy. But unfortunately I can't exactly up and leave...I'll have to grin and bear it til something better comes along or when the managers decide to hire better people. It's endless and I really don't feel like writing about it anymore,it's depressing. But seriously,the amount of stupid assholes in this world is unbelievable (hence the title of this blog). So I think it's time to say night..and peace.
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