Diana (xdarkprincessdi) wrote,

time to spew out all my thoughts...it could get ugly..

Tonight was a pretty screwed up night...I don't know where to begin,but then again it's easy to say it all started at work this afternoon. Some of us got new keyboards to work on which is great,except well all some of the keys we use are named differently and switched around the keyboard,so it gets kinda confusing. Well I must have either hung up accidentally on people or I'd be so slow that I'm sure all my ring counts were over 9...whatever.

L and i made plans last night to meet tonight to go for coffee at Ero's,but 9pm came and went and he was a no show....highly unlike him. So after an hour of waiting (and thinking the worst) I went home to pop a percoset to soothe a bitch of a toothache I had all day. I got home and chilled out when L finally called to tell me he was at the recording studio and couldn't get to the phone...um yes I was pissed,but after talking to him I explained that he should have at least let me know beforehand if he wasn't able to make it. Of course we had a long talk about everything going on in our lives in general so everthing is fine.

I'm now at home with the bowl and downloading music...and in response to Blu's LJ....FUCK EM ALL!!! Do not take any shit from anyone trying to stand in the way of your happiness! Yes,you're 24 years old, in my book that means you're mature enough to do what you want with your life and not let anyone take it away from you.
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