Diana (xdarkprincessdi) wrote,

and this is what I get for opening my big mouth....

Well I did it. I opened my mouth...and where did it get me? Hmm...let's just say that the work sitch will improve in the next few months. The other day my boss comes up and asks to see me in his office,I'm thinking to myself,"what the fuck did I do wrong ?"...apparently he caught wind of the fact that I wasn't a happy camper and I was looking elsewhere for employment. He then asked me if I was happy and I told him that quite honestly I wasn't because there were girls not doing their jobs and I'm taking most of the slack (along with a few other hard workers like myself)and it wasn't fair. Then he told me he understood and that I was one of his best workers and he didn't want to lose me...the whole bit...so he said he'd straighten it out and then mentioned something about making more money...hmmm let's see where this leads to for a while.

Love-so far so good..been with L for a year and a half,nothimg more to say here that hasn't been said before..=)

Life in general-um...I'm still here.

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